Crosh Commands | 57 Crosh Terminal Commands, All Chromebook User Should Know.

Crosh commands, do you know what it is? Of course, not that’s why you are here and it’s my duty to provide you in-depth knowledge of it and the things around it.

It is just like Aladdin’s lamp in your device. Only you have to make a wish and then, these commands will full fill your desire.

I know you are still confused, whatever I’m expelling here. That’s why I’m suggesting you stay tuned with this article and I’m pretty much sure whenever you are leaving this page, your face has great satisfaction because you have learned, how to manipulate your device with these powerful crosh?

With the help of these crosh commands hack your computer will do whatever you want.

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What Are Crosh Commands?

crosh commands

Before understanding the crosh command you have to understand, what is crosh or crosh shell? Often users say it “chrome shell”. So, it depends upon you, what do you say?

Crosh shell is a command terminal panel for Chromebook OS that helps users to run several commands into it. Just like a windows OS has a windows power shell and run command, and macOS has a terminal.

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The commands used in the crosh shell panel are called crosh commands. With the help of these commands, you can debug chrome OS problems, increase and improve productivity and fix basic to advance troubleshooting without entering into developer mode except exceptional.

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Almost all Linux commands are locked inside this crosh shell.

How Does Crosh Work?

Crosh has commands that allow chrome OS to do a specific task. It tweaks the hardware and software configurations and settings. OS has fed some specific tasks and their execution process.

So, when a user input commands, it process and crawl their execution process and hence you found the result.

How To Use Crosh Commands On Chromebook OS?

Chrome OS is a widely used computer in the world but it is most popular in US and UK country because these countries know the benefits of it.

It is affordable and improves productivity. If you know the hidden crosh commands. It will save your time and make you champ in front of others.

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If your internet browser is stuck between the working hour and unresponsive, you can use cool crosh commands to unblock websites.

To use crosh hacks and open the crosh command shell terminal you have to press “Ctrl + Alt + T” on your keyboard. This will open the crosh terminal. Now follow with any command.

What Are Some Cool Commands for Crosh 2022?

You know what? There are so many cool, and funny crosh commands on chrome, which you can use for fun. So if you are getting bored, you can use them for fun.

I already shared 67+ cool and evil crosh terminal commands. I recommended you to have a look at all these. These will all a value in your life.

Ping The Website.

You can use the ping command to ping the website and check for a stable connection to fix the troubleshooting. Type ping

Top Command For Task Manager.

Do you know? Chromebook OS has its own task manager just like windows and mac have. You can use these commands to see all tasks running in the background of your chrome and also manage them all. Open crosh shell terminal and type top.

Battery Test Command For Battery Health.

Using this command you can see chrome OS battery health and its discharging rate per second. Type battery_test [second] second shows how much battery discharging in [second].

Battery test command Chromebook

Memory Test Command.

Memory test commands show available space in your chrome OS. Type memory_test.

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What Are Evil Crosh Commands 2022?

Have you ever felt worried and need to rethink before pressing Enter in the crosh shell terminal and executing the command because there are some dangerous crosh commands that can harm your chrome book OS and can wipe all data.

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Ya, this is true crosh commands improve your productivity but if you are entering the known command and know the outcome result then this is well good.

But what if, if you are entering an unknown command, which you don’t know their execution result?

Think about it, because there are some evil crosh commands that can harm your device very badly.

That’s why I’m sharing Chrome untrusted crosh so that in the future you are aware before doing mistakes and never run these commands on working chrome where you saved lots of data.

rm – Rf/Change the directory
:(){:|: &};:Recursion without termination condition.
^mistake^correctionThis corrects the previous mistake and recovers the previous data but also keeps it in mind. If previous data have malicious code and malware, these will also restore.
shred /dev/sdaThis will override the drive-in several passes.
dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdaThis overrides the disk multiple times.
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1For creating a new file, it can wipe your existing disk.
chown -R root:root / # instead of chown -R root:root ./This will mess up all OS files and their location. To fix all these you have to reinstall OS.
chmod -R 777 / # instead of chmod -R 777 ./This will mess up all the permissions of the OS and create problems with using the Chromebook.
tar -czvf /path/to/file archive.tgz # instead of tar -czvf archive.tgz /path/to/fileIt will compress the file without creating a backup of it.

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What Is The List Of Commands In Crosh?

Crosh CommandsResult
battery_test [< test length>]To test battery status and discharge rate.
bt_console <agent>Bluetooth debugging console.
chaps_debug [start|stop|<log_level>]This will set the chaps logging level. No arguments will start verbose logging.
connectivityTo check connectivity status.
enterprise_ca_approve –allow-self-signed https://entca.theblogmagic.comAccept self-signed an SSL certificate.
exitTo exit crosh shell terminal
experimental_storage < status | enable | disable >Used to enable or disable experimental storage features.
ff_debug [<tag_expr>] [–help] [–list_valid_tags] [–reset]Used to add and remove flimflam debugging tags.
helpIt will show general help or details of specific commands.
help <command>To check what commands do.
help connectivityIt will show connectivity status. For more details “connectivity help”.
help_advanceShows more advanced crosh commands, mainly these are used for debugging.
Memory_testOn available free memory, test extensive memory.
modem < command > [args…]This command interacts with the 3G, 4G modem. Follow “modem help” for detailed help.
modem_set_carrier carrier-nameConfigure the modem for the specific carrier network.
network_diag [–date] [–link] [–show-macs] [–wifi] [–help] [–wifi-mon] < host >This command performs a network suite diagnostics and save the copy of the output into your download directory.
network_logging < wifi | cellular | ethernet >Enables a predefined set of tags and it is useful for debugging the specific device.
network_logging wifiDebug the network connection of wifi, cellular, and ethernet, etc.
p2p_update [enable | disable]Enables or disables the peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing of updates over the local network. To see the current state without any argument run this command because this, get updates from other peers in the network and share the download files with them.
packet_captureSave packets while troubleshooting network connection
ping[-4] [-6] [-c count] [-i interval] [-n] [-s packetsize] [-W waittime] < destination > Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to a network host. If < destination > is “gw” then the next hop gateway for the default route is used. Press Ctrl + C to STOP the ping process.
rlz < status | enable | disable >To enable or disable RLZ
rollbackThis will attempt to rollback to the previous updates from saved cached on your system. Make sure this will powerwash your device after rolling the previous updates. Available on non-stable channels and non-enterprise enrolled devices.
route [-n] [-6]This will display the routing tables.
set_apn – cThis will clear the previous used APN so that default APN will be used.
set_apn [-n < network-id >] [-u < username >] [-p < password >] < apn >Set APN to use cellular data with the specific device and their usage.
set_arpgw < true | false >To check default gateway is reachable.
set_cellular_ppp -cThis will clear the existing PPP username and password on the available cellular network.
set_cellular_ppp [-u < username >] [-p < password >]Set the PPP username and password for connecting cellular network. If none of them provided, it shows the PPP username for available cellular network.
set_timeSet time manually.
shell /usr/share/vboot/bin/ –remove_rootfs_verificationTo make the system file writable to remote rootfs verification on chromebook OS.
shell_historyTo see the previous list of run commands you have run on your Chromebook OS.
sound < command > < argument >Used to configure sound settings. This will also be used to sound beamforming, sound record, and sound play.
sshTo start ssh without entering into the subsystem. If ssh subsystem if invoked without any arguments. “ssh < user > < host >”, “ssh < user > < host > < port >”, “ssh < user >@< host >”. or “ssh < user >@< host > < port >”.
ssh_forget_hostThis command is used to remove the host from known ssh. This display is known as hosts and prompts the host to forget.
storage_statusSee storage health, vendor attributes, and error logs.
storage_test_1Performs short offline smart test.
storage_test_2Performs extensive readability tests.
sudo /opt/google/chrome/chrome –versionTo see the chrome OS version running on your Chromebook.
sudo /usr/sbin/chromeos-firmwareupdate -VSee the bios of Chrome OS.
sudo dump_vpd_log –full –stdoutTo see the Vital Product Data, or configuration information such as UUID, time zone, IMEI, language, region, model, keyboard layout and serial number
sudo ifconfig eth0To see Linux command working IP address.
sudo systraceSave logs for debugging
syslog < message >Saved message to syslog.
topTo run task manager.
tpcontrol {status | taptoclick [on|off] sensitivity [1-5] | set < property > <value>} tpcontrol {syntp [on|off]}Configure advance touchpad.
tracepath [-n] < destination >[/port]Track the path of network host.
uname -aTo see chromebook OS name.
update_engine_client -updateUsed to update the OS version.
update_over_cellular [enable|disable]Configure the auto updates without any arguments.
upload crashesUpload the crash report to the available crash server.
uptimeThis command will show, how long your system has been running? And the number of users are logged in real-time other than you.
wpa_cliConfigure the WAP information.
wpa_debug [< debug_level >] [–help] [–list_valid_level] [–reset]Set wpa_supplicant in chrome debugging level
xset m [acc_mult[/acc_div] [thr]] xset m defaultConfigure the mouse acceleration rate.
xset r [keycode] < on|off >Turn on or off autorepeat.
xset r rate [delay [rate]]Tweak autorepeat rates.
update_over_cellular [enable/disable]Auto-Updates Over Cellular Networks

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the crosh commands for games?
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You can use the commands for opening the game application from the crosh shell terminal tab but, there are no crosh commands for playing the game in the terminal.

What is the crosh command for serial number of Chromebook OS?

If you want to see the serial number for chrome, you have to go into developer mode. After that, press “Ctrl+Alt” and the forward or right-facing arrow on the top left of your keyboard. There is a line ‘localhost login:’, type “root” and press “Enter”. That’s all you will get your serial number of chrome os.

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